Nothing about Ministry

23 Dec

OK…here’s the deal.  I am not afraid of mice.  When I see one I don’t scream and jump on the nearest piece of furniture; however, I don’t care to share tent space with them.  S put up some pictures of my Toffice (Tent/Office).  It is a great space out of the options that one might have while deployed.  In this great space…there are creatures.  I can hear them when I am in the Toffice at night reading or typing on the computer.  I hear them crawling around and scratching on things.  Sometimes I hear them trying to make a nest or something.  I can’t always find them but I know they are near.

One of the chaplains that recently left told a story of trying to off the little creatures.  Apparently he got so disgusted because he never could get to the end of them that he decided to befriend them instead.  That’s right, they became his pets.  He told a story of how he would leave some cracker crumbs and a water bottle cap with some water in it up on the corner of his desk so that they could come and feast whenever they wished.  I listened to his story and honestly thought nothing more about it until I was sitting at his desk using his computer and up crawled a mouse onto the corner…stopped and looked at me for about three seconds…then he ate some cracker and got a drink before climbing back down the back of the desk.  I thought to myself, this is unusual, this cannot continue.

I am not intentionally feeding the mice in my tent.  I have learned that they love peanut butter; however, sometimes they are graceful enough to lick it clean off of the trap and walk away.  I know this because I watched him do it.  I sat in my chair holding the digital camera and made a movie of what I thought would surely end badly for the mouse…nope.  He licked the sucker clean and crawled away.  I set the trap again and back he came within 2 minutes…licked it clean again and left.  I thought I saw him wink at me.  That is when I learned that a peanut smashed into the jaws of the trap is much harder to get out and requires the mouse to bite and tug.  These mice are making me get smarter.

I don’t know if I will end up like my previously mentioned chaplain brother…maybe I too will grow weary of beating them and simply join them.  As for now, I am a man on a mission.  13 and counting, Baby!


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6 responses to “Nothing about Ministry

  1. Mitch

    December 24, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    I could deal with the mice except when they crawled on my mosquito net at night. Too creepy to have a mouse drop on you in your sleep.

    We had no traps immediately after the invasion. I beat five to death with a blunt instrument. Then I moved my cot outside the building we had occupied.

  2. Jeff

    December 31, 2007 at 2:03 am

    I’m with ya man!!!!

  3. Pat

    January 12, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    What an interesting blog. I will be checking it regularly. We are looking forward to being one of your support groups, and several boxes have already been sent from our class of 200. Please let us know if there’s anything special you would like included and we’ll try to get it for you. I have sent for 50 copies of the Bible Promise Book and will be sending those as soon as they arrive. Got a sweet note from S this morning with pics of the kids. I sent it to 74 of our classmembers by email and will be making copies to hand out tomorrow for any that didn’t get it. You’re in our prayers daily for your safety and needs to be met. You’re our “Heroes”. God bless you!

  4. Pat

    February 13, 2008 at 6:33 am

    Hi guys! Got a box off to you this week with Valentines that the 4th and 5th graders had made. They were darling and I read everyone. Finished filling the box with individual packs of M and M’s and salt water taffy, Thought you might enjoy those. Anything special you can think of that we could send? We made 185 “cool collars”: and sent to the last chaplain so need to ask him if they worked out well keeping the guys cool. I know it gets dreadfully hot over there, so if they worked well, we’ll be making some for your troops as well. I think we made 185. Hope all is going well. You’re in our prayers daily and we appreciate you and your laying your lives on the line for our safety here at home. God bless you all. Do you need anything we can send besides goodies and books? Let is know.

  5. Pat

    June 12, 2008 at 6:33 am

    Hi again from CA. We hosted our former Chaplain that we had supported all last year at a dinner on June 8th with a spaghetti dinner where 130 attended, then he spoke to our class on Sunday expressing his appreciation for the more than 300 boxes we had sent him while in Taji. We were blessed to finally meet him and his family. We continue to pray for you and your troops and want to meet your needs as well. Please let us know of any special needs or Bible study books you might want. God bless and keep you safe is our prayer daily. . . . . Pat

  6. Pat

    August 22, 2008 at 6:08 am

    Hi Scott,
    I’ve sent your web site on to 75 class members tonight so they will be able to know more about you and your ministry to the troops, as well as your family back home. I presume you have a way to freeze the Otter Pops as we have sent quite a few. Did the “cool collars” arrive OK and did the guys feel it helped a little in combatting the extreme heat? I packed another box for you tonight from someone who had donated money for that purpose. Please know you are being remembered in prayer and I know you will be anxious to get home for a brief break at least.
    God bless you and keep you and your soldiers safe.


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