Combat Medical Ministry

25 Aug

I have completed my 2 duty chaplain rotations at BAMC for this course.  One was a 14 hour shift and the other 6 hours.  There were 6 trauma patients that came in during my 14 hour shift and it was amazing to be a part of that ministry.  I did fairly well with the gruesome factor (I was nervous about seeing what you might see in a trauma room).  As expected, some people were religious and others not but everyone is someone who needs ministry during that time.  I will not publish details of the traumas here so if you are wondering what kind of trauma I dealt with you will have to ask personally.  I have to also be very careful not to violate any HIPPA statutes that pertain to patient privacy.  Let me just say here…love your family today.

I am looking forward to going home soon and seeing my family.  Soon we will begin school and head into the fall season with all of the sports/music/school/work/church issues that brings with it.

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Posted by on August 25, 2010 in Army Chaplain


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